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How does the [email protected] work?

Hemodialysis with the [email protected] machine is done by pumping blood from your blood access through thousands of dialyzer membranes that are surrounded by a special solution called dialysate. The dialyzer, tubing, and dialysate are connected to a machine. The machine is a delivery system that controls the procedure. Besides the blood access, the dialyzer, and the delivery system, there is a separate device that purifies water called the Reverse Osmosis (RO) system.

How the 2008K@Home system works
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Powerful enough for the clinic but simplified for home, the [email protected] machine offers visual support through step-by-step setup and treatment tutorials. By using the [email protected] machine for dialysis, a physician can prescribe customizable treatments that best meets your needs, your medical condition and lifestyle.

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The 2008K@Home Home Hemodialysis Machine

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